Target Age
适用年龄:3岁 - 5岁 
Learning Objectives
学习目标:学会关于家/家庭、运动相关的日常词汇和表达。Students learn everyday vocabulary and expressions related to the themes of family,home,and exercise.

Learn vocabulary and everyday expressions with fun stories centered around common themes.

Target Age
适用年龄:3岁半 - 6岁 
Learning Objectives


Phonics based. Students learn alphabet letters’ names and sounds. Understand that combining letter sounds make words.


Improve phonics and decoding while building a strong word attack, phonemic awareness, and a basic sight word base.
Target Age
适用年龄:4岁半- 6岁 
Learning Objectives


Students learn sight words and vocabulary words.Students develop reading fluency and reading comprehension.


Build essential reading skills like vocabulary, a strong sight word base, Understanding, and the confidence to read independently.